MW3 Zombies player shares “amazing” trick for easy long shots

Max Candelarezi
MW3 player shooting zombies

MW3 Zombies allows players to complete several challenges to get exclusive in-game items, to make this task easier, a player shared an “amazing” trick to get easy long shots and kills within the mode.

Despite generating a split reaction at first, MW3 Zombies has achieved being the highest-rated third mode for the Call of Duty franchise. To achieve this, the mode includes a diverse amount of activities that players can perform and thus fully enjoy the experience.

From completing mysterious Easter eggs, leveling up guns, collecting Schematics, or simply surviving by performing Pack-A-Punch or contracts, MW3’s Zombies mode offers a lot to do.

However, a MW3 Zombies player found a simple trick to easily target distant living dead and mercenaries within the game. In a Reddit post, he shared: “The SZ Holotherm is probably the best optic in the game,” and he followed, “It’s absolutely amazing. It highlights the target with a bright orange glow, the reticle is a thin, thin cross that makes longer shots possible.”

Agreeing with the OP, another player added, “It’s the best optic to use if you’re doing contracts/activities involving MERCENARIES. When they come in by helicopters they pop smoke. The Holothermals can clearly ID the mercs better than regular Thermals.”

After sharing this Optic trick, most quickly agreed that detecting and eliminating mercenaries is critical, mainly because of their strength, especially when they are hidden.

However, some users prefer to leave this Zombies trick under wraps, “Ssh, don’t give up our secrets 😂. I find it’s a huge help when you get into the higher tiers cause the environment gets obscured. 10/10 in my books.”

Despite some thinking an Optic isn’t needed, players who need to perform long-range activities or are constantly battling in Tier 3 zones in the mode believe that the SZ Holotherm Optic helps significantly.

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