MW3 Zombies: How to complete Bad Signal mission

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Operator in MW3 Zombies.

MW3 Season 1 brought another Act for Zombies players to complete, and it involves the mysterious Dark Aether. If you want to be up to date with the MWZ story, here’s how to complete the MW3 Zombies Act IV Bad Signal mission.

The new MW3 Season 1 update brought more content into MWZ, including another Act to complete. Bad Signal is the first Act 4 mission available for players, and after defeating Zakhaev there’s more to do in Urzikstan.

Bad Signal takes players into the Dark Aether, and inside you will find a very dangerous area to explore. Many tier 2 enemies will be waiting, so before starting the mission, you better prepare with Perk-a-colas and Pack-a-Punched weapons.

If you are still wondering how to complete the Bad Signal mission in Act 4 of MW3 Zombies, here’s all you need to know.

How to start Bad Signal mission in MW3 Zombies

To start the Bad Signal mission in MW3 Zombies, players must equip it from the Missions menu and head over to the Bad Signal icon on the map. The star symbol can be located in the middle of the Tac-Map, in the southern border of the Level 3 Threat Zone.

Once there, any Operator in the Strike Team must interact with the triangular rift found in this location and begin a vote. All players must vote ‘Yes’ to start the mission and be transported to the new Dark Aether zone.

Bag Signal mission location in MW3 Zombies.
The Bad Signal mission is located between the Level 2 and Level 3 Threat Zones.

How to complete the Bad Signal mission in MW3 Zombies

To complete the Bad Signal mission in MW3 Zombies, players must activate and fill four different seals that can be found as altars in the new zone. Kill zombies near these seals to fill up their meters, and complete each one when enough zombies are eliminated.

Follow the yellow tags in MW3’s UI to find each altar, and once all four are completed, a boss fight will trigger. The giant worm Gorm’gant will be your target, and it resembles Orcus, the final boss fight of MW3 Zombies Act 3.

Gorm’gant can be easily killed by Level 2 or 3 Pack-a-Punched weapons, and Strike Teams must shoot the glowing purple areas in its body to deal damage. Be careful, it has many dig and slam attacks that will kill you if you are unprepared.

The boss will spawn flying purple orbs that will hit you over time, so shoot them as soon as you spot them. When you finally reduce all of the worm’s HP, you can grab the key item inside the Reward Rift that appears.

Completing the mission will net you the mysterious Locked Diary item, as well as 10.000 XP and the ‘So Many Teeth’ Charm.

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