MW3 players want “annoying” death effect disabled

Aakash Regmi
MW3 Ghost

MW3 has many cosmetic items, and some of them even let you style death animations. Many players find one particular effect “annoying” and are asking for an option to turn them off. 

Season 2 of MW3 introduced plenty of new things to the first-person shooter, from new weapons to multiple maps. As usual, the seasonal update also introduced a new battle pass and other cosmetic items. 

Players weren’t already fond of some of these cosmetic items for their goofy looks, with the series being billed as a military shooter. Now, they’re annoyed by a death effect that they feel doesn’t just “belong in CoD,” but are also asking for an option to turn them off as they’re blocking their views and getting them killed.

Reddit user “rosnokidated” made a post on the ModernWarfareIII subreddit asking if there is “anything more annoying” than death effects. The OP pointed at the death effect from the new “Sketched Out” Tracer Pack.

Many players agreed with the OP, as a user said, “I’ll take any skin over this death effect, you can hear it across the map ffs. All death effects get annoying but this is by far the worst.” Another player commented that these things shouldn’t be in the game to begin with, “So obnoxious. [It] doesn’t belong in COD.”

Plenty of players mentioned that they find death effects obstructing in MW3: “Not when it blocks my view and gets me killed.” Others more or less said that they either don’t like it, “god I hate when someone kills me with a death effect. I hate, hate, hate, it,” or it is blocking their views and getting them killed, “I hate when someone kills someone in front of me with it and all of a sudden I can’t f**king see.”

Some, meanwhile, actually liked it, “I thought this death effect is hilarious. I don’t mind it. The same goes with skins, they’re annoying AF but to each their own.” Another player said, “I feel like this one is actually creative and interesting. Don’t mind it.”

Since these cosmetic items are almost always locked behind paid bundles, it is unlikely that devs will add an option to disable them. For more on MW3, check out the best guns in every category as well as the best Renetti loadout.