MW3 players sick of crossover bundles that feel like walking “ads”

Nathan Warby
Rick Grimes and Michonne MW3 Operators

The Modern Warfare 3 x The Walking Dead collaboration is in full swing, but players have called out the constant stream of crossover bundles that they claim feel more like “walking billboards” advertising a product.

Modern Warfare 3 has seen plenty of high-profile crossovers as of late. The Boys characters like A-Train and Firecracker arrived in Season 1, while the upcoming release of Dune: Part 2 has seen the Feyd-Rautha skin return to the store.

The main collab in Season 2 brings The Walking Dead to the game for the first time, with Rick Grimes and Michonne arriving as Operators, and the Fear the Living event going live to give players even more rewards to earn.

However, MW3 players are reality growing tired of the influx of crossovers, as many feel as though they’re being constantly advertised to. Reddit user ‘TraumaTracer’ started the conversation by calling out “The Ones Who Live” Decal in the new Michonne bundle.

“This is… literally just an ad for the new show. Why would I ever want this on my gun?” asked the OP, before adding that it turns them into a “walking billboard.”

This kicked off a debate about crossovers and collaborations as a whole in MW3, with players pointing out that companies also use the game to advertise or promote themselves.

“Let’s not forget, Monster Energy, Little Caesars and Burger King operator skins lolol we’re all about the walking billboards here,” said one reply, before another added: “Same reason I didn’t get the Monster skin. Why would I be an advertisement in a video game for a multimillion dollar corporation?”

On the other hand, some players argued that you don’t have to buy any of the bundles or equip any of the skins in the game, to which the OP responded: “This is why they continue to pump out this slop.”

Given how popular many of the crossover bundles and events have been in Modern Warfare 3, it’s unlikely we’ve seen the last of them. For more, be sure to check out the best FOV settings and why players enjoyed the game more during a server outage.

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