MW3 players slam “terrible” spawns of returning fan-favorite map

Aakash Regmi
Das Haus in MW3

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded added one of the more popular maps from Vanguard, Das Haus. Players are, however, not happy with its spawns on MW3 and are saying it is “s*it.”

The mid-season Reloaded patch for both MW3 and Warzone is now in full swing. It added two brand new weapons to the pool in SOA Subverter and Soulrender, and they’re already turning out to be popular picks.

It didn’t miss out on new maps as well. Season 2 Reloaded made three additions to the pile, with two being simple remodels of existing ones. The highlight in terms of maps, of course, was Das Haus, which quickly became a favorite during Vanguard, as it was a small map, making for chaotic rounds.

Das Haus was first introduced in Vanguard, and devs did reimagined it for MW3. Now, players are pointing out that the spawns on the map are “unplayable.” Reddit user ‘MyCoDAccount’ made the post on the ‘ModernWarfareIII’ subreddit saying “Das Haus s**ks.”

The OP said, “The spawns make it unplayable. Why move at all? Spawn, sit there, and enemies will pop into existence in front of you. There is simply no incentive to treat it like a normal map.” Plenty agreed with the OP, “Yeah it’s terrible,” and shared the same spawn experience with the map as well, “I spawned in with three enemy players at the same time. Yeah, I just instantly die.”

While the MW3 variant of Das Haus looks different than Vanguard, with the location being moved from indoors to rooftops and a more vibrant look, the general layout and size remain the same. One of the reasons why players liked it very much during VG was that it was short, and even during Vanguard spawns were a big complaint

It is something that has been a wider frustration across all small maps for players, as a user noted: “The map is small but the spawns on small maps in general s*ck a** and you got to accept that.” Another user said, “Small map mayhem mate. It’s gonna be chaos.”

Many argued that Das Haus in particular is the worst offender, and other beloved small maps like Shipment and Nuketown are less worse, “By the way, Nuketown has never had spawns this bad. None of Treyarch’s small maps were anywhere near this bad.”

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