Das Haus infinite death loop proves Vanguard spawns are utterly broken

Luca Di Marzo
Vanguard Das Haus spawns

Vanguard players have been infuriated by the game’s spawns since day one and a new Das Haus clip demonstrates just how awful the broken spawns have become.

Vanguard players have been vocal about wanting a change to the spawn system for some time now. It seems like players have not been pleased with the quality of spawns since the game’s release but the good news is the devs have stated they are working on a fix.

A new clip showcasing a player’s perspective of how spawns work on Das Haus is proof that Vanguard absolutely needs the aforementioned fix to spawn logic sooner rather than later.

Das Hause map Vanguard

Vanguard utilizes a spawn system that is similar to Modern Warfare’s squad spawns. This feature allows players to spawn right next to teammates regardless of surrounding enemy players.

Although you can argue that this speeds up the pace of the game, it can also easily lead to situations like the one seen in the clip below. It’s clear that the player in the clip has no time to react as they repeatedly spawn into high-traffic areas.

One can only imagine the player’s frustration as they repeatedly spawn right next to enemies. The player strings together 13 consecutive deaths shortly after spawning which is an absurd amount of helpless deaths.

The majority of the comment section seems to agree that there is a fundamental issue at hand, “I dunno I play exclusively hardcore and while spawn trapping has always been an issue, vanguards spawn trapping issue is definitely on a whole other level.”

We’ve seen squad spawns impact play at a competitive level with CDL pro players displeased with the spawn system in place. Whether squad spawns need removing or their logic needs tuning is up for debate but this will likely be addressed in the major Season 2 update on February 14.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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