Modern Warfare 3 players call out familiar bugs “ported over” from MW2

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 Overwatch Helo

Modern Warfare 3 is a new chapter for the Call of Duty franchise, but it’s also closely connected to its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2. It seems some players are discovering familiar bugs that have made their way over from MW2 to MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 players continue to discover all of the new features that arrived at launch, like the overhauled Perk system, Tac-Stance movement, and Armory Unlock system. As they fly up the ranks, MW3 players can also dabble with features from the game’s predecessor.

Thanks to the Carry Forward feature, weapons and maps from 2022’s Modern Warfare 2 are accessible in MW3. Players can enjoy some of MW2’s most well-liked maps in a unique MW3 playslist.

However, it seems that maps and weapons may not be the only features that carried over, as players are claiming that they discovered a few bugs that were also “ported over” to MW3.

Other players joined in to discuss other long-standing issues that they’ve come across in Modern Warfare 3: “They also ported the trigger bug from MW19 on the wheelson. They did patch it, but somehow it came back in mw3.”

Meanwhile, another player pointed out a Counter UAV issue: “You still run into some invincible CUAVs in FFA too. Been that way since MW2019.”

One player jokingly replied with “Carry Forward™️,” referring to the feature that brought MW2 content to Modern Warfare 3.

The devs have revealed that they are aware of certain bugs impacting the early stages of Modern Warfare 3, such as the EOD Padding Perk not working properly. As more updates arrive to address these ongoing issues, it remains to be seen if any bugs from MW2 will be solved as well.

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