Modern Warfare 3 players demand buffs for “outclassed” SMGs

Luca Di Marzo
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Modern Warfare 3 offers a wide assortment of weapons to use, but players are claiming that the SMG category is in desperate need of buffs as they continue to be “outclassed” in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 players are blessed with an abundance of weapon options. The new title brings 37 new weapons to test out, as well as every weapon from MW2. It didn’t take long for CoD experts to figure out the best weapons in the game, led by the MCW, Holger 556, and DG 58.

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As you may have guessed, Assault Rifles are incredibly dominant in MW3, but where does that leave SMGs? Assault Rifles and SMGs often include some of the most popular weapons in CoD titles, but this year, players believe that the close-range weapons are in need of some major tweaks.

A post on the MW3 subreddit titled “Every SMG feels designed around 100hp, not 150” dives into SMG performance in the game compared to other weapon categories.

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The OP started by saying: “They seem completely out of line with the rest of the game and are outclassed by nearly every AR, BR, etc.” Players quickly agreed with this statement: “The rival is the best sub in the game but it still blows compared to ars.”

While the Striker was a fan-favorite weapon in the MW3 beta, the SMG was nerfed at launch, and many believed that it simply no longer competes in the current meta: “The funny part too is they just nerfed the striker into the ground, like a monstrous nerf, while also buffing the AR’s.”

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While there were plenty of shouts to buff SMGs in MW3, one player revealed why they think SMGs are struggling in the game compared to Assault Rifles, “They are struggling because the maps are mostly not good for SMGs. Pretty much all of them except 1-2 are open af and have long lines of sight everywhere.”

Players expressed their desire to see SMG buffs in the next weapon balancing update, but they were also hopeful that new maps could also help make them viable: “When a few new maps come out on S1 that follow a more modern map design philosophy, I’m pretty sure SMGs will perform fine there.”

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