MW3 players beg devs to “please bring back” fan-favorite mode

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operators

Although Modern Warfare 3 offers a wide variety of modes, players are always looking for fresh multiplayer experiences. The return of certain modes has sparked enthusiasm among players, leading them to fervently ask devs to bring back a fan-favorite MW 2019 mode.

Modern Warfare 3 is in full swing with players ranking up in order to be prepared for Season 1’s launch on December 6. This includes having every weapon at maximum level, and all content unlocked from both Armory Unlocks and Rank levels.

Luckily, MW3 offers a diverse range of game modes players can rank up in, from classic ones like Team Deathmatch and Domination to fan favorites like War or Cutthroat. However, during SHG’s Reddit AMA on November 20, several fans expressed their desire to see Cyberattack’s return in multiplayer.

In their Reddit post, the dev team shared that Cyberattack wasn’t “currently in [their] seasonal plans,” but if fans proved a “strong interest,” they’re willing to “explore fan-favorite modes.”

Following this, a fan decided to start a motion with other fans of the mode by titling a post on Reddit “Let’s Get Cyber Attack Back in MWIII!” and added: “Sledgehammer isn’t planning to bring back Cyber Attack unless there’s a big push from us. Let’s be that push!”

Joining in his request, one fan shared: “Cyber Attack is the main reason my friends and me play COD. The respawn modes are fine for leveling weapons, but Cyber just is fun. Also, S&D is not a good substitute for Cyber players. You can take more risks than in S&D.”

Although some spend long paragraphs explaining the significance of the mode for them, others summarize their feelings in one sentence: “Cod without cyber attack is like life without a purpose.”

MW 2019 Cyber attack
The Cyber Attack mode was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2019.

It’s not every day that Call of Duty fans unite to achieve a common goal. Surprisingly, Thanks_Nikita’s Reddit post gathered over 2,000 upvotes and 400 comments in hopes of making the Cyberattack mode return to multiplayer.

It remains uncertain whether this movement will persuade developers to reintroduce the mode, but they have undoubtedly managed to come together for a good cause. We’ll be sure to follow this in order to know if the community manages to bring back their fan-favorite mode.

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