Modern Warfare 3 devs announce record-breaking engagement for MW CoD title

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Modern Warfare 3 arrived on November 10, and it hasn’t taken long for the CoD title to break records in terms of player engagement.

Modern Warfare 3 players have been busy unlocking all of the weapons, Perks, and Equipment in the game by leveling up the Ranks and through the new Armory Unlock system. While the unlock grind presents plenty of challenges, players can also dive into the Mastery camo grind in MW3.

There’s clearly a ton to explore this year, including the first Zombies mode in a Modern Warfare title. In addition, Warzone will soon arrive to offer players even more gameplay variety.

While Modern Warfare 3 is still in its launch month of November, Sledgehammer Games have revealed a staggering announcement that proves its early success. On November 21, the CoD team announced that MW3 achieved record-breaking engagement compared to the other games in the MW trilogy.

Sledgehammer Games confirmed, “MWIII has already set records with the highest engagement in the new modern warfare trilogy.” While they did not reveal specific numbers, it seems that engagement over two weeks has been higher in Modern Warfare 3 than it was in 2019’s Modern Warfare and 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

Reviews for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer have been generally positive, so the consistent player engagement may not come as a surprise to fans of the franchise.

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With plenty more content on the way and frequent balancing updates from the devs, it remains to be seen if MW3‘s longevity will maintain its steady run throughout the seasons. For now, players eyeing up Season 1 on December 6, with new maps and modes on the way, players have a lot to look forward to.

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