MW3 & Warzone Blaze Up event: All challenges & rewards

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The MW3 and Warzone devs have added the Blaze Up event in Season 3, inspired by 420 Day. Here’s everything we know about MW3 Blaze Up, including the start date and how the event will work.

Following the Godzilla x Kong crossover, the devs are keeping the momentum going in MW3 and Warzone‘s Season 3 with Blaze Up, a special 420-themed event, offering players free rewards by completing in-game challenges.

Here’s everything you need to know about the MW3 & Warzone Blaze Up event.

MW3 & Warzone Blaze Up event start & end dates

The MW3 & Warzone Blaze Up event was released on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST and will remain available until Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

MW3 & Warzone Blaze Up event rewards & challenges

MW3 and Warzone’s Blaze Up event allows players to earn 11 free rewards by completing in-game challenges in MW3 multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies.

  • Double XP Token
    • Multiplayer: Get 25 Operator Clean Kills with the Akimbo Attachment Equipped
    • Zombies: Get 50 Hellhound Kills with Shotguns
    • Warzone: Open 20 Loot Caches in a single Resurgence match on Rebirth Island
  • “Hot Out of the Oven” Weapon Sticker
    • Multiplayer: Get 10 Operator Quickscope Kills with the Stalker Boots Perk Equipped
    • Zombies: Get 80 Critical Kills with Snipers, Marksman Rifles, or Battle Rifles
    • Warzone: Activate the Boat Horn near the Factory on Rebirth Island
  • “Weedson” Killstreak Skin
    • Multiplayer: Get 20 Operator Direct Impact Launcher Kills
    • Zombies: Get 50 Brain Rot Zombie Kills
    • Warzone: Collect 50 Gummies in High Trip Resurgence
  • “High As Duck” Weapon Charm
    • Multiplayer: Hit 20 Operators with Tear Gas with the Tac Mask Perk Equipped
    • Zombies: Complete 4 Contracts
    • Warzone: Complete 5 Spy Drones contracts
  • Seeing Sound Weapon Sticker
    • Multiplayer: Use the Stim or Battle Rage Tacticals 15 times
    • Zombies: Destroy 4 Vehicles
    • Warzone: During infil or a redeploy, land in the Gondola using the Parachute on Rebirth Island
  • “Utterly Inspiring” Emblem
    • Multiplayer: Get 4 Operator Kills within 20 seconds in one life 2 times
    • Zombies: Get 400 Kills with a Wall Buy Weapon
    • Warzone: Eliminate 8 players while having an active power-up gummy in High Trip Resurgence
  • “Bro, You’re Out of this World” Calling Card
    • Multiplayer: Get 10 Operator Stuck Grenade Kills with the Demolition Vest Equipped
    • Zombies: Destroy 3 Harvester Orbs
    • Warzone: Have all four High Trip Resurgence power-up gummies active at once
  • Double Weapon XP Token
    • Multiplayer: Get 20 Operator Kills while in Smoke with the JAK Purifier Attachment Equipped
    • Zombies: Get 200 Kills Shortly After Reloading with Speed Cola Active
    • Warzone: Use Squad Rage on all of your Squadmates at once
  • “Every Second an Hour” Large Decal
    • Multiplayer: Desploy an Inflatable Decoy Field Upgrade 15 times with the Engineer Vest Equipped
    • Zombies: Get 30 Mercenary Critical Kills
    • Warzone: Buy 4 players back in Resurgence using a Buy Station
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip
    • Multiplayer: Get 25 Operator Kills with a Cooked Frag or Thermobaric Grenade
    • Zombies: Get 250 Kills with Stamin-Up Active
    • Warzone: Reduce the Resurgence timer for total of 100 seconds
  • Double Battle Pass XP Token
    • Multiplayer: Get 40 Operator Kills with the Dragon’s Breath Attachment Equipped while Sliding or Crouching
    • Zombies: Kill 3 Abominations
    • Warzone: In a single match, trade 2 cards from Biometric Scanners at a Buy Station
  • “Daymares” WSP Swarm Weapon Blueprint
    • Complete all 11 Blaze Up event Challenges

That was everything you need to know about the MW3 Blaze Up event. For more on MW3 and Warzone, be sure to check out our other guides:

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