Modern Warfare 3 expert reveals fastest-killing AR with infinite damage range

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 Operator with AR

Modern Warfare 3 stats expert TheXclusiveAce wasted no time analyzing the powerful Assault Rifles in the game. The expert revealed that when it comes to Assault Rifle damage range, one is far and beyond the best pick in the game.

The Modern Warfare 3 meta continues to develop as players get reacquainted with the classic MW2 maps. Whether you’re focusing on flying up the ranks to unlock weapons, or you have your eye on certain Armory Unlocks, there are some clear standouts in the Assault Rifle category.

Early favorites include the familiar three-round burst DG-58 and the MCW, which is modeled after the ACR. Thanks to stats expert TheXclusiveAce we know that there’s one more MW3 Assault Rifle that players should not be sleeping on thanks to its best-in-class damage range.

Stats prove MW3 Holger 556 AR has no damage drop-off

On November 14, TheXclusiveAce published a YouTube video that analyzes the Assault Rifles with the best accuracy in the game. While findings revealed that the MCW is the most accurate AR, the expert’s stats also shed light on how many shots are needed for each AR to kill at range.

While the MCW may be the most accurate it is certainly outclassed when it comes to TTK at range. In fact, one Assault Rifle stands above the rest with a nonexistent damage drop-off from 10 meters to 70 meters.


As the stats in the image above prove, the Holger 556 blows every other Assault Rifle in MW3 out of the water in this regard.

It seems every Assault Rifle in MW3, excluding the Holger 556, runs into significant damage drop-off as range increases. This is especially true for the popular MCW, which has the worst TTK of the bunch at greater distances.

In addition, the Holger 556 is by no means a difficult weapon to control, giving it the full package. Some may be shocked to discover what the AR is capable of, but it’s no surprise the weapon has already been banned by competitive players in the CDL.

If you’ve fully leveled up the MCW and DG-58, then you may want to test out the dominant Holger 556 next.

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