Iconic MW2 gun is best it’s ever been in Warzone but nobody’s using it

Joseph Pascoulis
fenrir skin in mw3

An iconic MW2 weapon is actually one of Warzone’s best options in terms of TTK, but nobody is giving it a chance.

With Warzone Season 4 Reloaded set to nerf the Kar98k and many other powerful guns, the meta will be shot wide open, giving the more underused but strong weapons a chance to rise to the top.

That could be the case for the iconic M16 from MW2, as despite having an extremely competitive TTK in comparison to other top AR choices such as the MCWand MTZ-556, it’s still unpopular.

The JAK Patriot Aftermarket Part gave the M16 a boost in terms of pick rate when it was introduced in Season 3 Reloaded, transforming it from burst to fully automatic.

In Season 4, the M16 with the JAK Patriot Conversion Kit is actually one of the best Assault Rifle options in terms of TTK over distance.

After checking the TTK using TrueGameData, CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal revealed just how strong the M16 can be, as he compared the iconic AR’s TTK to other meta options. The M16’s TTK is competitive all the way through to 70 meters, making it a great Primary choice.

WhosImmortal recommends pairing the M16 JAK Patriot with attachments that decrease the recoil and improve bullet velocity. The Casus Brake, Bruen Pivot Vertical Grip, and 5.56 High Grain Rounds will do just that, allowing you to hit your target faster and stay on target to reach those fast TTK numbers.

To round it off, select the 60 Round Mag, which is plenty of ammo for you to take on multiple enemies without the need to reload.

The YouTuber also recommends using a close-range SMG with the M16 loadout to cover those shorter distances. The Superi 46 is currently the top dog in the SMG category, but that could change once Season 4 Reloaded rolls out.

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