Surprising MW2 LMG smokes Warzone’s best guns with fastest long-range TTK

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator with sergeants beret on

A surprising MW2 LMG is actually at the top of Warzone’s long-range meta thanks to its rapid TTK, which bests even the best Assault Rifles in the game.

MW2 weapons have been receiving some love in recent seasons, as players have begun to notice just how strong some of them are. The Kastov 762 has been a popular pick in Season 4, but after the mid-season update, players will need to turn their attention to a forgotten MW2 LMG.

The RAPP H is rarely seen in the battle royale, but it may gain more attention now that Call of Duty content creator WhosImmortal has revealed its incredibly fast TTK that bests the likes of the MTZ-556 and Holger 26.

Its TTK truly starts to shine once you reach 35 meters, dropping below other top options in the game to make it a solid choice for long-range in Warzone.

With a blistering fire rate, the LMG can be difficult to control when you’re unloading on enemies at a distance. This can be countered by using our best loadout for the RAPP H, as it’s built for recoil control which makes the LMG a lot more stable and easier to control.

After using it in matches of Resurgence on Rebirth Island, WhosImmortal said, “the RAPP can absolutely just fry everyone at those longer distances.” However, the major downside is that it is a MW2 weapon, which means its visual recoil, ADS/strafe speeds, and firing aim stability aren’t the best.

If you can look past that and just focus on hitting your shots, the RAPP H is a top choice in Season 4 Reloaded.

Speaking of top long-range picks, if you prefer MW3 weapons, there’s an underrated Battle Rifle currently causing havoc in the mid-season patch, boasting high damage after some major buffs.

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