How to get JAK Beholder Rifle Kit in MW3

Nathan Warby
MW3 Operators aiming weapons

After Market Parts offer major overhauls to Modern Warfare 3 guns, changing them into different weapons altogether. The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit completely transforms the Tyr Pistol, so here’s how to get it in MW3.

Although Modern Warfare 3 brought back a ton of classic maps from 2009, it also came with a number of new features. It introduced Armory Unlocks, which allow players to grind toward the guns and attachments they want, as well as the MW series’ first-ever Zombies mode.

Sledgehammer Games also added the new After Market Parts, which drastically alter how a weapon performs. One of these is the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit, which transforms the Tyr from a Handgun to a longer-range gun.

Here’s how to get the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit in MW3.

How to unlock JAK Beholder Rifle Kit in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 players can get the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit by completing any five weekly challenges from Week 3. These can be found in the ‘Challenges’ section of the menu in the top righthand corner of the home screen.

There are seven different challenges in Week 3, but only five need to be done in order to earn the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit for the Tyr Handgun. Check them out below:

  • Get 25 assists with a Recommended Weapon.
  • Get 15 kills after swapping weapons.
  • Get 30 kills using a silenced SMG.
  • Get five Longshot kills with the Rival-9.
  • Get 25 kills while aiming down sights with a Recommended SMG.
  • Get 30 kills with the Rival-9.
  • Get 25 headshots with a Recommended SMG.
MW3 Week 3 challenges
There are seven challenges in total.

JAK Beholder Rifle Kit not showing in MW3

At the time of writing, there is a glitch in Modern Warfare 3 where the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit doesn’t show up after the challenges have been completed. It is supposed to appear in the Conversion Kit section of the Tyr’s Gunsmith, but players are reporting that it’s missing.

The devs are yet to address this issue, but players can likely expect it to be fixed once the team returns after the holidays. Unfortunately, in the meantime, there doesn’t seem to be any way to make it show up in the Gunsmith.

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