Condrey says SHG has no plans to put Ground War in Call of Duty: WWII

Keshav Bhat

In a new Reddit post, Michael Condrey has detailed some information behind the game modes available in Call of Duty: WWII.

He stated that the reason behind WWII having lower amount of available MP modes is because they did not want to split the MP population up, which could affect players overall accessibility to the game.

Essentially, a fixed number of players is split up across all the modes offered. A large number of modes leads to longer lobby wait times or less ideal pings for the less popular game modes, exacerbated by the need to do lobby matchmaking across every region and time zone on the planet. We have also seen that a large number of modes can feel overwhelming or less accessible to players trying to master the game, which hurts player satisfaction and fan engagement overall. 

For post launch support, Condrey says they are committed to adding new modes throughout the DLC Season this year but will only release new modes once they believe it does fit in the game.

We enjoyed seeing fans really stoked for the return of Gun Game, and we want to continue supporting that excitement throughout the DLC season ahead. Rest assured, we have a lot of ambition to keep driving hard on game updates and fixes. We’re also as committed as ever to holding a high quality on new experiences, and won’t rush adding a mode into the game if it isn’t balanced and fun for WWII.

Lastly in the Reddit post, Cndrey also stated that they have no plans to bring Ground War to Call of Duty: WWII because of the complications in the spawn system with 9v9 player count. SHG did consider making separate maps for Ground War-style mode, but they did not have enough development time to do so.

Some of you have asked about the outlook for Ground War in Call of Duty WWII. The reality is that maps built for balance, flow, and good spawns at 6v6 traditionally don’t hold up as well for us when playing 9v9, and this was no different for Ground Game in WWII. We track spawn data for every spawn, on every match, globally since launch, and are happy to report that our bad-spawns are at franchise historic lows. The same couldn’t be said for Ground War with 9v9 teams during development. We considered building unique maps for Ground War, like we built for our War experiences, but that just wasn’t feasible during development given our other game ambitions for MP. I can’t say that Ground War won’t come to WWII eventually, but it’s nowhere on the horizon given our current roadmap.

SOURCE: Reddit

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