Black Ops 4 Multiplayer servers appear to be running at 30Hz after Oct. 23rd update

Ethan Chrisp

Treyarch has deployed an update to the game client and servers which address the community’s concerns with the downgrade in server performance between the Multiplayer Beta and Launch.

In their latest Reddit post, Treyarch shared an update on the network performance and what they are currently working on in terms of server performance:

Following the latest Game Settings Update, users on /r/BlackOps4 decided to run some tests to see exactly what has changed.

It appears that the Client Update Rate has been raised from 20Hz to 30Hz and the Server Update Rate remains to target 60Hz after today’s update. While this is still considered a downgrade from the Multiplayer Beta’s 60Hz Client Update Rate, it’s definitely an improvement considering the servers have to account for both Multiplayer and Blackout. This graph below shows the server rates after the Game Settings Update:

via /u/soja92

It is unknown if Treyarch plans to further increase the Client Update Rate in the coming updates; they’ve stated that they are committed to ensuring the game is stable while they make changes, so stay tuned.