Best Warzone SMG takes over close-range meta after Renetti nerf

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operator in Rebirth Island

Now that the Renetti has been nerfed in Warzone, check out the top-tier SMG that has taken over the close-range meta in Season 3.

Since Warzone Season 3 started on April 3, the Renetti was the close-range weapon dominating lobbies. However, its dominance atop the close-range meta didn’t last long, as the devs introduced a massive Renetti nerf on April 10 that lowered its damage.

The HRM-9 SMG has quickly become the new meta pick to replace the nerfed pistol. It was previously the only SMG capable of rivaling the Renetti before its nerf. This powerful SMG has an incredibly fast fire rate, damage, and low recoil, making it great for covering close-range fights, especially on Rebirth Island.

Check out our best HRM-9 SMG loadout including all the attachments, Perks, and more, to significantly boost its damage, range, and bullet velocity. This makes it the new best Warzone weapon for close-range fights in Season 3, and content creator WhosImmortal agreed.

Following the Renetti nerf, the Season 3 close-range meta has become more competitive than ever, with the Striker 9 and RAM-9 SMGs as favorite runner-ups, which many players will remember as they’ve been featured in the short-range meta before.

However, if don’t mind losing a little bit of accuracy, the Akimbo WSP Stinger build could also be a great choice for short-distance combat, but you’ll have to be extra precise as it will be less forgiving than a standard SMG.

So now you know, don’t be surprised to see the HRM-9 SMG more often in Warzone lobbies, as it’s a top-tier gun that shouldn’t be overlooked. However, keep an eye out on the runner-ups in case new adjustments are introduced and hit the HRM-9.

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