Warzone’s best movement loadout has “godlike” strafe speeds

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator running with no gun

Warzone has some great mobility options, but none are better than the Superi 46 with attachments that give it “godlike” strafe speeds.

Strafing is an essential tactic you’ll want to master if you’re to do well in battle royale, as it makes you a harder target for enemy Operators to hit. However, your ADS speed can be faster or slower depending on the mobility stats of a weapon.

The Superi 46 SMG can be built for extremely mobility using attachments such as the JAK Cutthroat stock, FTAC MSP-98 Handstop, and Zulu OP3 Light Barrel.

I found it easy to stay on target while moving left to right and avoiding big damage from enemies who found it hard to track me. It’s perfect for close and mid-range encounters where you need to be moving around to avoid getting hit with headshots.

Metaphor, a popular Warzone YouTuber, also emphasized how great the Superi 46 is when it’s built for ADS movement speeds, describing the strafe speeds as “godlike” in his June 23 video.

“This thing is absolutely insane,” said Metaphor, sharing a loadout that features an extremely similar set-up to our best Super 46 loadout for Warzone. The video is filled with clips of him shredding enemies with accuracy while moving around like a madman thanks to the fast ADS movement speed.

If you like slide canceling and staying mobile, or feel like you need to be faster on your feet when taking on enemies, the Superi 46 is the perfect choice.

We know that the Kar98k will be getting nerfed in Season 4 Reloaded, and although it hasn’t been confirmed, the Superi 46 will likely also receive some balance changes. So, make sure you use it while it’s still the best SMG in the game, or give an MW2 AR that everybody’s sleeping on a go.

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