ZLaner reveals the one thing Infinity Ward need to remove from Warzone 2

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Fans will be hoping that Warzone 2 blows them away with brand-new gameplay features, but CoD pro Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane has revealed the one Perk he hopes gets scrapped in the sequel.

Warzone 2 is expected to release later this year, and players can’t wait to see what Infinity Ward has up their sleeves for the battle royale’s follow-up and how they build on the success of the original.

We already know that Warzone 2 is set to bring in a completely new map, as well as new swimming mechanics and a firing range to test weapons.

But for all of the new features coming in Warzone 2, there are certain aspects of the first game that many don’t want to see again. CoD esports pro ZLaner has explained which of Warzone’s Perks should be left behind when the new game releases.

Speaking during a match with Dr Disrespect, ZLaner urged the developers not to add the Combat Scout Perk to Warzone 2.

“Hopefully they take this s**t out of the game, do not add that back for Warzone 2, oh my god,” ZLaner ranted after eliminating an enemy using the Perk. “This f*****g Perk is so broken.”

Doc then asked him which Perk he was talking about, to which he said that even though Combat Scout is helpful to have equipped, it caters to less-skilled players.

“Obviously it’s really good for me to use because I can just f*****g see where they’re going, but I think it just helps Jimmys and Timmys even more,” ZLaner continued. “I think it helps casual players even more.”

Combat Scout is a popular Perk in Warzone, as it temporarily highlights an enemy for the entire squad after they are damaged. This means players can keep track of wounded enemies after they run away, even if they are behind cover or on the other side of a wall.

With such a useful effect, it’s no surprise that it is currently the most popular choice in the Perk 3 slot, ahead of Amped and Tracker according to WZ Ranked.

However, ZLaner believes that Warzone 2 would be better off without it: “It’s so broken, it’s so annoying. I’d rather it not be in the game.”

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