Warzone players demand nerfs to OP weapons ‘ruining’ Season 1

Nathan Warby
Warzone players fighting on train tracks

The Warzone Urzikstan update brought the complete lineup of Modern Warfare 3 guns to the battle royale, and players are already dealing nerfs to a handful of weapons that are already starting to “ruin” the game.

Warzone Season 1 is in full swing and players are busy learning the new Urzikstan map and movement mechanics. The update also brought a host of new weapons from Modern Warfare 3 to the game, like the MCW and Rival-9 that have been dominating multiplayer.

This has drastically shaken up the meta in Warzone, as the community desperately tries to figure out which guns are the most dominant at all ranges.

But it appears that certain weapons have made too strong of an impression early on in Warzone Season 1, with players demanding for them to be nerfed as soon as possible.

Reddit user ‘kgold535’ posted calling out the MTZ Interceptor and BAS-B, begging the devs to “please tune these weapons soon rather than later,” as they are starting to “ruin the game” so soon after they arrived.

The OP explained that these two have begun dominating lobbies in Warzone Season 1, with most players opting to run at least one of them. They claimed that Interceptor is “2 to 3 tapping fully plated players in less than 2 seconds,” and shared a TTK comparison to show just how OP the BAS-B seems to be so far.

“The BAS-B, on the other hand, literally excels in every single range over any other weapon, maybe minus long range and it’s still good at that,” said the player. “What’s the point in running any SMG when the BAS-B absolutely s**ts all over anything within 35 meters?”

Plenty of other fans responded, agreeing that both the BAS-B and MTZ Interceptor are in desperate need of balancing, while also throwing some other weapons onto the pile.

“The Interceptor, BAS-B and [DG-58] all need a flat-out nerf,” said one reply, before another added: “The DG-58 kills people faster than the BAS-B in practice, people are sleeping on that gun.”

It’s not uncommon for the Warzone meta to be dominated by certain guns shortly after its integration with a new game. The same happened with the RPK and Fennec 45 from Modern Warfare 2, and these were eventually fixed.

The devs have been releasing regular patches for both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, so there’s every chance we could see a nerf to these guns soon if they continue to take over. The Season 1 Reloaded update is also on the horizon, which will bring a host of balancing changes.

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