Warzone players want one major change to “boring” Caldera map

Hamza Khalid
Docks in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone’s new Caldera map brought a change of scenery for players to enjoy, but some fans are complaining that this new location is “boring” and in need of one major change.

Warzone Season 1 brought major changes to the battle royale, the biggest being the new Pacific Caldera map. This gave players a whole new Island to battle on, but it’s received some criticism.

Popular streamers like Dr Disrespect have claimed that the map is boring, and many in the Warzone community have issues with the overall design. Fans are now asking for the devs to make a major change to Caldera.

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Warzone players flame Caldera’s “boring” design

warzone pacific mountain

The Peak POI is the highest point on Warzone’s Caldera map, located right in the middle of the island. It’s surrounded by empty hills, with many of the denser POIs found on the outskirts of the map —something that hasn’t sat well with players.

Reddit user ‘stacker_4414’ complained that the new map feels repetitive because the “mid-to-late game is the same nearly every game.” Players are forced to head to the center of the map as the circle closes, but that area is “barren nothingness.”

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Competitors will end up battling over different parts of landscape that are just bushes and mountainsides. Verdansk had many diverse POIs to battle in during the late game, and the contrast is extremely noticeable to fans.

The main issue with Caldera is the distance between the busy POIs on the edge of the island, and the center of the map. The Redditor made it clear that they’re “getting real bored of the new map” and many of the comments agreed.

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“You are right about the layout, it’s almost the inverse of Verdansk though in that there the edges were sparse, and center pretty packed,” commented one user. Another added that “the middle of the map sucks.”

Players are upset that POIs like Docks and Lagoon are so far apart. They want the developers to add more fun locations to the center of the map. Verdansk changed over time so we might see Caldera get the same treatment.

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