Warzone players want another major change to Fortune’s Keep player count

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator firing minigun on Fortune's Keep

Warzone Pacific players aren’t happy with the increased player count on the Fortune’s Keep map and are calling for Raven Software to make some significant changes.

Fortune’s Keep won over players shortly after its arrival in Warzone Pacific during Season 4, and Raven Software brought a notable change to make things more fun on the map in Season 5.

The player count on Fortune’s Keep was increased across all squad sizes in the seasonal update. While this change was meant to increase the action, it hasn’t sat well with many players.

Following the arrival of the Season 5 update patch, up to 50 players can hop into Fortune’s Keep during Solo and Duo matches. Trios and Quads can feature a maximum of 51 and 52 players respectively.

Reddit user ‘Snowbunny236’ expressed their frustration with this change in the Warzone Pacific subreddit, claiming that it has made playing on the Fortune’s Keep map feel “more hectic.”

They explained: “[Fortune’s Keep] is already a smaller hectic map and the increased player count that they added this season makes the mode far sweatier and nearly impossible to use any strategy.”

Many of the commenters agreed with the Redditor that increased player count on Fortune’s Keep has not been a positive change, with one player making comparisons to Rebirth Island Resurgence.

They claimed that Resurgence is a “nicely balanced middle ground between all-out battle royale and multiplayer.” Increasing the player count just makes Fortune’s Keep feel “closer to MP-style.”

A few users defended this change in the thread, expressing that it has made playing on Fortune’s Keep more fun. Having more players in a match allows you to rack up a higher body count, and some players appreciate that.

One of the commenters wrote: “I personally thought this was an excellent move to increase the player count. The lobby stays alive for much longer, and I’ve been getting high kill games way more consistently.”

However, this is exactly why Snowbunny236 and other players don’t like it, as they prefer a more relaxed playstyle. It remains to be seen if Raven Software will make further changes to Fortune’s Keep player count in the near future.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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