Warzone players furious with “terrible” inventory screen change

Liam Mackay
Warzone Pacific operator fighting

Warzone players have been delighted with the majority of changes made in Season 2, but they’ve not been so impressed with a “terrible” stealth change to the inventory screen.

Warzone Season 2 is here, and we said the new map had finally found its stride following the new update. The major quality of life and map changes have made reignited many players’ passion for the game, but one stealth change has been called “terrible.”

Raven Software changed the inventory screen in Warzone Season 2, highlighting full stacks of Ammo and Armor Plates. However, this has caused more problems than it solved, and furious players wish Raven stuck with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra.

Warzone player fighting in pacific caldera

Following the Warzone Season 2 update, when your Ammo or Armor Plates are full, they’ll be highlighted in yellow. But, this causes an issue where the items you highlight to drop or request are also marked in yellow, and when on a controller, it’s incredibly difficult to tell what item you have selected.

As players explain, they often end up accidentally dropping the wrong item because they can’t tell what’s been highlighted. This only gets worse in the heat of battle, where you might not have time to read the description for each item to know where you are on the menu.

The menu change was highlighted by Reddit user ‘Don_Pakundo,’ who said that “dropping things for teammates in the middle of a fire fight is infinitely harder.”

Almost every player in the comments agreed, calling it “super annoying” and “terrible.” User ‘magos’ said: “I thought I was going crazy the other day it was so hard to drop stuff I kept dropping plates instead of ammo.”

It was probably just an oversight on Raven’s part, it’s unlikely that navigating the inventory screen was intentionally made more difficult. There should be a few updates in the run-up to the mid-Season 2 update, so Raven may tweak the UI again.

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Image Credit: Activision