Warzone players explain what they miss about Verdansk after Pacific Caldera release

Hamza Khalid
Verdansk and Caldera in Warzone

Warzone Pacific players have their fair share of complaints about the new Caldera map and many of them have explained why they miss Verdansk, calling for its return.

The arrival of Warzone Pacific Season 1 brought some major changes to the Call of Duty battle royale title. The most notable difference was that players were saying goodbye to Verdansk as they shifted to the new Caldera map.

Some players praised this fresh change, and Dr Disrespect thought the update could “save Warzone. However, the map has received some criticism and players have explained why they miss Verdansk.

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Plane flying in Warzone pacific caldera map

Reddit user ‘Michael_Mags11’ started a new thread in the CoD: Warzone subreddit, asking players if they prefer playing on Verdansk or Caldera. Many of the commenters expressed how they miss the old map.

“I like Caldera but miss Verdansk,” commented one user. “The nostalgia of the pandemic and dropping into Verdansk with a squad of friends won’t be topped by Caldera, and that’s not Caldera’s fault.”

This was sentiment shared by many other players in the comments. Many of them also brought up that the new map doesn’t function properly on consoles, making them miss Verdansk even more.

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However, there were also a few who expressed some appreciation for the new location. “Caldera is dope,” wrote one player. “I couldn’t play more than 2 games of Verdansk in the end there. Just too much of the same.”

Ultimately, players found that both maps have some qualities that they admire. Some of them stated that they feel Verdansk and Caldera should both be available for Warzone fans to hop into.

“Both Verdansk and Caldera should each be their own free content packs,” suggested one player. “That way, you could delete one and have the other, delete both or not delete any.”

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At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem likely that Warzone players will get to jump into Verdansk again. Raven Software confirmed that the map will not return after its departure at the end of Season 6.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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