Warzone devs nerf Krampus following player complaints

Hamza Khalid
Krampus in Warzone

Warzone players made numerous complaints about the Christmas beast Krampus being too difficult to defeat, and Raven Software have nerfed him in the Festive Fervor event.

The Warzone Pacific Festive Fervor Event added the Christmas monster Krampus as a boss that you and your teammates can battle. However, frustrated players have called for the devs to nerf him.

He comes with unpredictable attacks and an extremely high amount of health, making it difficult to defeat Krampus. Now, the developers have responded to these complaints by nerfing him.

Krampus in Vanguard Warzone Festive Fervor event

Raven Software announced these changes in a December 21 tweet. They stated that Krampus will be having his health “significantly” reduced across every mode in Warzone’s Festive Fervor event.

They also reassured players that they won’t have to worry about encountering the beast during late game, as he will no longer spawn into the match after the fourth circle. These changes will make him easier to handle.

Players expressed their gratitude to Raven Software for these nerfs in the replies. Many of them left appreciative responses like “Thank you so much,” while others were disappointed that Krampus wasn’t removed altogether.

“REMOVE IT,” one user tweeted, “How does Krampus make the Warzone experience better?” However, the beast is only in the game for the duration of the event, so he thankfully he won’t be around for long.

Many of the other replies pointed out other issues within Warzone Pacific that are ruining the player experience, such as the console version being filled with bugs. It remains to be seen when the devs will address those problems.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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