Warzone players demand fix for pay-to-win invisible skin ruining the game

Liam Mackay
invisible warzone tier 100 battle pass skin

An invisible Operator skin has been ruining matches of Warzone Pacific since the launch of Season 1, and players are demanding the pay-to-win outfit gets fixed.

With the majority of Warzone’s developers being off work for the holidays, a number of game-breaking bugs and glitches have plagued Caldera and Rebirth Island. Broken Shotguns, players respawning with their loadouts, and broken audio are just a few of the issues.

However, players have completely lost patience with the Awoken Francis skin, which turns players completely invisible – except for a floating orange mask. Now that Raven Software are returning from their holiday break, players are demanding a fix.

Francis Awoken skin in CoD Warzone

Warzone has had trouble with invisible skins in the past, with the Forest Spirit bundle turning players invisible, as well as the Attack Helicopters turning any skin invisible.

In Warzone Pacific Caldera, it’s the paid Tier 100 Battle Pass skin, Awoken Francis, that’s making players impossible to see at a distance. This issue has been known for some time, but players have only become more and more frustrated with it going unacknowledged.

Reddit continues to be ablaze with players complaining about the skin and demanding it fixed. ‘evilmonk234‘ asked “How could Raven let a skin be invisible for more than a day?” They said it’s “honestly so ridiculous they can’t test to see if a skin is f**king invisible past 30m.”

They clarified that they don’t blame the devs for not fixing it over the holidays, but that “they should not release it this way in the first place. At the very least, when you hear about it early on, just remove the skin until it’s fixed.”

evilmonk234 isn’t alone, as players have been complaining over the entirety of the holiday period. But, now that Raven Software devs have returned to work, we expect this glitch to be fixed soon.

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Image Credit: Activision