Warzone players come up with creative ways to use Redeploy Balloons on Caldera

Joseph Pascoulis
Redeploy Balloon in Warzone

Warzone Season 2 has given players a brand new toy on Caldera called Redeploy Balloons, which lets players traverse the map with ease and make some crazy plays.

Warzone Season 2 has officially launched, and as well as promising to bring back the fan favourite Iron Trials mode, players have also been given a new mechanic to have fun with on Caldera.

Introduced to improve the flow of Caldera and allow players to traverse the map with ease, players seem to be enjoying the Redeploy Balloons, with players even coming up with creative ways to take advantage of the new addition to Warzone.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 redeploy balloon

Although the new season of Warzone Pacific hasn’t been out for long, players are already making some crazy plays with the new Redeploy Balloons, which were inspired by Apex Legends’ Jump Towers.

Reddit user ich_derNachtmann put a video up of them taking advantage of the new Redeploy Balloons in the Warzone Subreddit.

In the clip, the player lands right on top of an enemy after hearing them pop a Loadout nearby. Equipped with a minigun, the player lands and absolutely destroys his enemy.

Players in the comments are reacting to the play, which will most likely become a common occurrence thanks to the availability of these Redeploy Balloons across the map. One comment read: “Lmao this is so rude. Just blammo!”

Further, this isn’t the only way these Redeploy Balloons are being used. Another Redditor put up a clip of someone landing on top of one of these balloons and getting a great kill from the position as well.

The creativity and ingenuity to get in this position and then execute the sniper shot is pretty impressive, and will likely leave players wondering what other creative plays they can create from the new Redeploy Balloons.

We’ll have to wait and see what others come up with, but it does seem like players are enjoying the new addition, not only because it is making traversal on the map easier, which was a big complaint of the community, but also because it is allowing for new plays to be created.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision