Warzone 2 leak claims popular Caldera feature will return in Season 2

Andrew Highton
cod warzone 2 operator dropping into game

Warzone 2 Season 2 could be lining up the return of a huge feature not seen since the OG Warzone days, according to a leaker.

Season 2 hype is certainly getting bigger and bigger, more so after the news that Warzone 2 is getting the new Ashika Island Resurgence map.

There are also a ton of other gameplay changes expected to drop into the game from the return of a 1v1 Gulag to a major shift in the game’s meta.

But now, out of nowhere, a Warzone 2 leaker has suggested that yet another change is on the way in the seasonal update, and it’s a returning feature that fans first become acquainted with during Season 2 of the Warzone Caldera days.

Referring to one of the promo images for Ashika Island, Twitter user MWIIntel said: “The thing people think are redeploy balloons in the right of the background are “Redeploy Drones”. Not sure if this is a field upgrade or something else completely.”

Skeptical Warzone 2 fans will be interested to know that another huge leaker, TheGhostofHope, has also seconded this claim: “Redeploy Balloons” from Warzone 1 will be returning in Warzone 2 reskinned/renamed as “Redeploy Drones”. Portable and stationary versions will both exist.”

The concept of the Redploy Balloons/Redeploy Drones was accepted as being borrowed from Apex Legends. Their purpose is to allow players to hook themselves up to the device and after a brief animation, the player will be propelled to the top of the balloon before being allowed to essentially drop into the game again.

It’s an incredibly useful feature that allows players to escape from incoming gas, get airborne to sniff out other players, or simply better reposition themselves – possibly for an endgame scenario.

For now, it should be treated as speculation until the devs unveil a full account of the Warzone Season 2 content on the way.

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Image Credit: Activision