Warzone players call for “overpowered” suppressors to be nerfed

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone suppressors

In Warzone Season 4, suppressors definitely run the show when it comes to essential attachments for your loadouts, but some players are asking for a change.

Warzone Season 4 introduced a variety of changes to weapon balancing and even attachments, like the Krig 6 getting a buff to one of its barrels.

Like every season, not every player is satisfied with the changes. Aside from bugs and glitches, some players also want further balancing to the suppressors in Warzone Season 4, especially the Monolithic and Agency ones.

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Warzone suppressors

Since the start of Warzone, suppressors have always been a handy attachment along with the perk Ghost. The ability to stay off the radar while firing and when the enemy has a UAV is essential in Warzone, as staying hidden is key to victory.

Like the Monolithic one from Modern Warfare and the Agency Suppressor from Black Ops Cold War, the best suppressors in Warzone will do more than keep you off the map but also boost your weapons stats, like damage range and bullet velocity.

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One player shared their opinion on this over on Reddit, proposing a change for how suppressors operate.

“Overpowered” Warzone suppressors

Reddit user Fractales put up a post with the caption “What if Silencers were actually balanced?”

The post went into details about how players have to use silencers, not just because everyone else is using them and stying off the map, but also because of the stat boost they give you:

“There’s no reason to not run a silencer. Either mono or regular. Both give significant stat boosts as well as remove you from the mini-map when firing.”

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Fractales proposed that Raven Software remove the stat boosts and just make suppressors take you off the mini-map when firing, so that players would have to decide between stealth or a weapon boost:

“But, what if we made removing you from the mini-map the ONLY benefit of the silencer? Then other muzzle attachments could fill the role of stat boosters. Suddenly, there’s a decision to be made between staying off the mini-map and getting stat boosts to your weapon.”

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It seems other players also agreed in the comments, with one user stating that “they’re [suppressors] definitely done backwards. You get sooooo many bonuses for being suppressed. Suppression should be the bonus, you should get all the other extras if you run un-suppressed.”

It would be an interesting change, and perhaps the developers will want to stay true to what they have created rather than make such a drastic change in Season 4 of Warzone, as a change like this is likely to bring on its own set of complaints.

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Raven Software hasn’t commented on the topic, unlike the Nail Gun situation, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if anything changes.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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