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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players are glitching underneath Red Door loot rooms

Warzone players are once again glitching underneath Verdansk ’84, this time exploiting their way under the Red Door loot rooms.



Red Door in Warzone Season 4

Although Raven Software patched Verdansk ’84’s under-the-map glitches, Season 4 players are now exploiting their way underneath the lucrative Red Door loot rooms.

After over a year in the original map, Verdansk ’84 was absolutely what Warzone needed. With new lighting and updated POIs, the game felt fresh again. However, players were repeatedly glitching underneath the map in locations such as Stadium and Airport. After several patches, these glitch spots were finally closed off.

Although Verdansk received new satellites and Red Door fast travel system, players are once again exploiting their way underneath the map for cheap and easy kills.

Red Door in Warzone Season 4

In the early weeks of Warzone Season 3, you essentially had to avoid Stadium and Airport. You were likely to find a player underneath the map, who would shoot the floor almost every game, so it simply wasn’t worth the risk of going there. Now, these cheaters have found their way underneath Verdansk ’84’s Red Door loot rooms.

The Red Doors are new to Warzone Season 4. These are a fast-travel system that will teleport you to a room around the map that’s brimming with high-tier loot such as Advanced UAVs and Durable Gas Masks.

To prevent players waiting for you to emerge from the Red Doors, the rooms are locked until someone teleports into it. You’ll need to be on your guard if any players are nearby, but you have a few seconds to get ready.

However, Warzone cheaters have found a way to turn these safe rooms into a death trap thanks to a new under-the-map glitch.

Reddit user Tugger789 shared footage of them being one of the lucky few to find a Red Door, but their luck soon ran out. As they were looting the room, bullets started flying through the floor. They were skilled enough to turn on a player who ran into the room, but the killcam showed their game was ended by a player underneath the map.

Other users in the comments said they have also been killed by players underneath the Red Door loot rooms. Tugger789 found a cheater underneath the school building across the river from the Airport hangars, and with the random nature of these Red Doors, there’s a high chance you could be teleported there too.

Warzone‘s devs have left a ‘Monitoring’ tag on their Trello card for the under-the-map glitches, so as soon as they officially acknowledge and address the issue, we’ll let you know.

Image Credit: Activision