Warzone players call for major change to how gas affects armor plates

Nathan Warby
Warzone players surrounded by gas

The toxic gas that slowly moves in during a Warzone match is vital to the battle royale’s winning gameplay formula, but some fans are asking for a drastic change in how it impacts a character’s armor plates.

Warzone Season 5 is drawing to a close, and players are looking ahead to the new weapons and Operators that are coming in Season 6.

But even with all new content on the horizon, fans of the battle royale are calling for some more fundamental changes to the way it plays.

Most recently, players are calling for a significant overhaul of how the gas that engulfs Verdasnk affects armor plates.

Two Warzone characters aiming at enemies

Ahead of Verdansk’s swansong season, players are urging Raven to implement a change to see armor plates surviving exposure to the gas without taking damage.

In a thread titled “Unpopular Opinion,” a Reddit user uploaded a meme that read, “being in the gas shouldn’t damage armor plates.”

At the moment, if a player finds themselves stuck in the gas circling the map, then any armor plates they have equipped will be slowly eroded.

This means they have to be replaced if they escape the fumes and reenter the circle.

The image sparked a debate among fans, with many agreeing that damaging health is enough punishment for being in the gas and that the armor plates decaying doesn’t make sense.

“Do your weapons start to malfunction? Your equipment? Your clothes just straight fall off?” askes one user. “I mean, if it’s so strong that bulletproof armor plates instantly get damaged, why does nothing else get hurt in the gas?”

It was also suggested that changing the acquirable gas mask into a full suit would be a neat way to bring in the change, making sense in the context of the game.

Others argued that the way the damage works now is in the interest of keeping the game balanced, and changing that would lead to players camping in the gas and scoring cheap kills on unsuspecting enemies.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will take any of these suggestions on board in Season 6 or beyond. As always, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for all the latest updates.

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