Warzone players call for firing range to test weapons

Liam Mackay
military base in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone players are calling for a firing range to be added so that weapons and their attachments can be tested out before loading into a game.

Although we’d love to see the classic map Firing Range in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players want to see a literal firing range to test weapons. Apex Legends boasts an incredibly useful firing range, with every item to be found on the map available to test out.

While Warzone players can fully customize their weapons with the detailed Gunsmith system, there’s no way of knowing how it works until you bring it into a game.

Before being discovered by well-known weapon testers JGOD and TrueGameData, many of the attachment descriptions on Cold War weapons were incorrect in Warzone. Because of this, players were building their weapons completely wrong without realizing it.

Modern Warfare shooting range

There’s nothing worse than dropping into Verdansk, getting your loadout, and realizing that the weapon you’ve built is useless. Most players load into a game of Plunder to test out their weapons, but this is incredibly time-consuming.

In a Reddit post that quickly picked up traction, user ‘Lifeesstwange’ asked Warzone devs “can we please get a firing range?”

“I don’t care what it looks like, it could be a wall with a bunch of targets on it,” they explained. “Simple is better. But it would be nice to have a mode that can be launched from the loadout/weapon screen where one can just fire off a couple clips.”

Previous Call of Duty games, such as WWII, featured a firing range that was incredibly well-received by the community. Warzone’s weapon creation is far more detailed, so players would get even more use from the system.

Modern Warfare already has a firing range built for the Trials game mode, so if Raven Software wanted to add one in, the area is there waiting to be included.

Modern Warfare shooting range

Another benefit of the firing range being added is content creators would have a much easier time testing weapons. Currently, they must queue into a game of Plunder to test out the nitty-gritty details of weapons and their stats. Their jobs would be made much easier, which would in turn be a huge benefit to the community.

Warzone players are expecting a huge in-game event that could lead to a new Warzone map, so perhaps this much-requested feature will arrive in Season 2 or beyond.

Image Credit: Activision