Warzone players call for Dead Silence spawn rate to be nerfed

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While the Dead Silence field upgrade can be useful for stealth in Warzone, a few players are frustrated with its spawn rate and are asking the developers to nerf it.

When you hop into a Warzone match, there are various tactics that you can employ to get the upper hand over your opponents. One of the most successful strategies is to take them by surprise stealthily.

The Dead Silence field upgrade can be greatly helpful in achieving this, as it allows you to sprint more quietly. However, a few players feel like this is too prevalent in Season 3 matches and want its spawn rate nerfed.

Dead Silence can help you sneak up on Warzone enemies

Reddit user sheeplington highlighted this issue in a post in the CoD: Warzone subreddit. They explained that the spawn rate seems to has increased recently, and it’s causing in-game issues.

“I’m so sick of being killed to Dead Silence recently,” wrote the user. “It’s almost as if the spawn rate has increased 10 fold since stopping power had been ‘nerfed.’”

According to sheeplington, the kill-cams showed that their opponents all had the field upgrade active when they landed their kills. The player said they wanted the spawn rate of Dead Silence reduced.

This isn’t the first time that Warzone players have wanted the devs to make major changes, as they recently asked for stun grenades to get nerfed. One user came up with an explanation for the increased spawn rate of Dead Silence.

“Its because they seem to have a set number of field upgrades in ground loot, so when they removed deployable covers and lowered the amount of stopping power they made dead silence take place of both of them. That’s why you see it so much”

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Deployable Cover was removed from the game back earlier in Season 3, as players could use this particular Field Upgrade to glitch under the map and other areas of Verdansk ’84 that are not supposed to be able to be entered by players.

The spawn rate of Stopping Power was dramatically reduced in the Season 3 Reloaded update, as the developers explained they felt Stopping Power had too much upside compared to the item’s downside and needed a balance correction.

It remains to be seen if the developers will apply a similar change to Dead Silence in the future. For more Warzone, check out the top 10 players for the Call of Duty battle royale, according to JGOD, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

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