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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for devs to nerf stun grenades

Stun grenades have always been powerful in Call of Duty: Warzone, but a recent clip has players once again loudly calling for stuns to be nerfed.



Warzone Stun Grenades

Stun grenades have always been powerful tools in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, players have recently begun to call again for these tactical items to be nerfed significantly, heading into Season 4 of the Call of Duty battle royale.

There are various tactical items that players can use when they are battling it out in Warzone. One of these tactical items is the stun grenade, which allows players to slow their enemies down by a heavy degree and impede their movement greatly.

However, a recent clip that has been going around in the Warzone community has community members calling for Raven Software to apply a heavy nerf to stun grenades for Season 4, as they believe stun grenades are currently too strong in Warzone.

Warzone Stun Grenade

The clip that has brought the discussion of the power of stun grenades currently was posted to the official Warzone subreddit by community member Barbowa_.

In the clip, Barbowa_ effectively takes down multiple enemy players without much trouble at all on Rebirth Island when he rushes them after throwing a couple of stun grenades at them from downstairs.

The potent effect of the stun grenades was in full view, as the enemy players were effectively moving in slow motion, making them sitting ducks for Barbowa_ who was able to mow them all down without breaking much of a sweat.

Considering the player themselves titled the clip “These stuns be OP!” and other community members commented on the video stating how they believe that the Warzone stun grenades need to be nerfed heavily, it is safe to say that changes to the overall strength of this tactical item are something players want to be addressed soon.

It remains to be seen if Raven Software will indeed nerf the stun grenades sometime in the future.

Still, past changes for the Call of Duty battle royale game have resulted from community members voicing their desires publicly, so it would not be surprising to see a nerf for the stun grenade tactical item arrive in the game at some point.

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Image Credits: Activision/Raven Software