Warzone players are still glitching underneath Verdansk ’84

Liam Mackay
Warzone Verdansk '84 Stadium

Despite multiple patches from Raven Software, Warzone players are still managing to glitch under locations in Verdansk ’84, such as Train Station and Stadium.

Verdansk ’84 has provided a fresh and exciting change to Call of Duty’s battle royale, but the new Warzone map suffered from various ‘under the map’ exploits. For the first week of the game, Airport, Stadium, and Train Station were no-go areas as cheaters would be hiding underground for a cheap kill.

Players use gaps found in the ground and in walls to get underneath the map, and while they’re underground, they can see and shoot upwards to take out players unlucky enough to stumble above them. The problem appears to have resurfaced since the most recent update.

Verdansk '84 downtown

Raven Software was quick to acknowledge the problem, fixing the worst offenders on April 28. There were still some more glitch spots dotted around the map, so they promised “a second round of fixes.”

These fixes were applied on May 7, in which Raven said they “Fixed additional map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas.” They also confirmed these fixes to be on top of those already applied on April 28.

However, the most recent patch appears to have reversed their hard work. Since Warzone’s May 7 update, players have returned to glitching their way underneath Stadium and Airport, and perhaps other locations too.

The Warzone subreddit has been filled with players reporting the problem over the weekend, and it’s gotten so bad that squads are avoiding the areas entirely. One Reddit user said that “Everyone by now should really know to generally stay away from Stadium altogether. Every game there’s gonna be someone there.”

Raven Software have kept the card acknowledging the issue on their Trello board, and although the “fix released” label is still applied, they also have “investigating” and “monitoring” tagged.

It appears that Raven Software is still monitoring the issue, and will likely be quick to apply the correct fix. Until then, we can only suggest reporting any offenders you encounter and avoid Stadium and Train Station until another fix is confirmed to be released.

Image Credit: Activision

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