Warzone 2’s Heavy Choppers are making the end of matches impossible

Nathan Warby
Heavy Chopper in Warzone 2

The new Heavy Choppers are dominating the Warzone 2 endgame, leading to frustrating deaths when the final circles are closing in.

The end of Warzone 2 matches can be incredibly intense, as the last ones standing navigate the new circle system to try and stay alive after the Gulag has closed and secured the win.

Players will spend the entire match preparing for the endgame, whether it’s saving money to ensure they have the ideal loadout or moving into a prime position to get the drop on enemies.

However, the new Heavy Chopper has begun wreaking havoc at the end of Warzone 2 games, and players are desperate to see a change.

Crafty enemies have been getting hold of these armored vehicles early on and using them to hover safely above the battlefield. This makes them incredibly hard to take out unless a team is carrying a rocket launcher with them.

The frustration only grows as the match reaches the final stages, as squads in a Heavy Chopper can rain down bullets, rockets, and Killstreaks from above as their enemies are forced into smaller and smaller areas.

It’s a trend that only seems to be growing as more and more teams make use of the tactic, and players are now urging the devs to step in. A post in the Warzone subreddit from pieface782 called Heavy Choppers “the dumbest thing they added to Warzone,” and a “stupid way to lose.”

Other players responded calling for the vehicles to either be removed or nerfed, with Reddit user Formed Boredom replying: “Heavy Choppers are utter b******t, they gotta go.”

The biggest sticking point appears to be how difficult they are to take down compared to other aircraft in Warzone 2 or the original, which is essentially forcing players to use up a weapon slot to bring a rocket launcher into the endgame.

“People are like “bring a launcher” in what situation does anyone carry a launcher to the final circles in a BR?” the OP continued in the comments.

“In WZ1, it took MAYBE 150 bullets to take down a normal chopper. This thing can take an insane amount of rounds without going down. All 3 teams left on the ground were shooting at it and it still wouldn’t go down.”

With how frequent Heavy Choppers are becoming at the end of matches, fans will be hoping to see Infinity Ward introduce some balancing changes in either Season 1 Reloaded or another future update.

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Image credit: Activision