Warzone 2 players suffering from same frustrating Gas Mask bugs that haunted Warzone 1

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 gas mask

Warzone 2 players are extremely frustrated as they are experiencing the Gas Mask bug that ruined matches in the original game.

While Warzone 2 made some changes and overall improvements to the battle royale, there are still many improvements and features from the original game that players would like to see in Al Mazrah, such as the Play Again button.

One of the improvements Warzone 1 made towards the end of its life cycle that’s not seen in Warzone 2 was the way in which the Gas Mask worked.

Unfortunately, it seems the notorious Gas Mask animation bug from the original is present in Warzone 2 and causing frustration among the community, despite devs making positive changes to the issue in WZ1.

Reddit user marcusbrothers highlighted the returning issue on the Warzone subreddit, sarcastically saying that they “love the gas mask animation,” while attaching a clip that shows the player dying to it in a match they could have won.

As you can see from the video, the Gas Mask animation takes priority over the parachute mechanic, causing the player to fall to their death when coming out of the zone.

While some argue that this is justified, with one comment saying that “staying in the gas has a disadvantage and you experienced it,” the majority in the comments feel that WZ1 made improvements to this issue that are not being seen in Warzone 2.

One user points out that the devs had “made a couple fixes lately in WZ1,” and that one of them was “that parachute takes priority over gas mask animation,” which would have saved this player’s life.

Clearly, players are frustrated that lots of the improvements made in WZ1 have not carried over to Warzone 2, leaving some confused as to why “they fix stuff by the end of the games life cycle or add great features and in the new game they don’t put them in.”

Warzone 2 is likely to evolve a lot as new seasons roll out, with the Season 1 Reloaded update set to be the game’s next big update, so perhaps these issues will be addressed.

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Image Credits: Activision

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