Warzone 2 players convinced Semtex received secret nerf in Season 1 Reloaded patch

Nathan Warby
Semtex in Warzone 2

Following the release of the Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded update, players believe that Semtex has received a secret nerf not listed anywhere in the patch notes.

The Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded update brought plenty of changes to the battle royale sequel, adding new game modes like Rocket League-inspired Warzone Cup and even a new gun to utilize.

It also came with a host of buffs and nerfs to the existing lineup of weapons, in an attempt to make matches fairer and more balanced going forward.

However, Warzone 2 players are convinced that the developers snuck in a secret nerf to one of the game’s most popular pieces of equipment, Semtex, that wasn’t mentioned at all in the Season 1 Reloaded patch notes.

Semtex are the go-to Lethals for many players, thanks to their ability to stick an enemy and dish out big damage. They’re also ideal for sticking downed foes to finish them off quickly while bullets are still flying.

But since the mid-season update arrived, players have found that Semtex seem to be dealing less damage to downed enemies than before.

Reddit user ‘motmx’ tried to prove that “Semtex are nerfed” by uploading a clip of a recent Warzone 2 gunfight. They successfully downed another player inside a building, before also knocking their teammate who rushed in to help.

With enemies still in the area, they decided to use Semtex to finish off the first downed enemy, while eliminating the second with their primary weapon. They were met with the “stuck” pop-up on the screen, which usually signifies a trip to the Gulag for the target.

But when they went back inside to claim any ammo or loot, they soon discovered that the stuck player was not only still alive, but had self-revived just in time to kill the OP.

Other players responded claiming they had encountered the same issue, hinting that Semtex sticks no longer deal as much damage as they did before.

“Yup, can down a player and stick them, the banner comes up, and they won’t die anymore,” replied Nice-Web283. Meanwhile, ‘Average-Joes-Gaming’ shared another clip to the Warzone subreddit of a Semtex not downing a player in the Gulag, despite receiving the 20XP for sticking them.

It remains to be seen if this is a deliberate change from the developers to make Semtex more forgiving, or a glitch that is lowering the equipment’s damage in Warzone 2 matches.

Players will no doubt be hoping it’s the second option, and that a fix will be released in a future update.

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Image credit: Activision

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