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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Bizarre Warzone 2 glitch brings dead players back to life before the Gulag

Warzone 2 players have discovered a bizarre glitch that lets them come back to life before heading to the Gulag.



Warzone 2 Gulag

Warzone 2 players have discovered a bizarre glitch that lets them resurrect from the dead and rejoin the action before heading to the Gulag.

The Gulag is one of the main features that separates Warzone from other battle royale titles, giving players the chance to rescue their game after things go sideways. Whereas death in the likes of Fortnite or Apex means a trip back to the lobby, Warzone 2 players can earn a second chance if they can win an intense 2v2 shootout.

Since Warzone 2 launched, however, the Gulag has been plagued by a handful of bugs, including one that caused teammates to accidentally eliminate each other.

Now, an even stranger glitch is bringing fallen players back to life immediately after death, allowing them to temporarily skip the Gulag.

In response to a tweet from CoD streamer and leaker ModernWarzone, claiming that Al Mazrah is a better battle royale map than Verdansk, Twitter user Marty21 shared a clip of the glitch in action.

The player was watching the killcam after being killed on a rooftop and was preparing for a standoff in the Gulag. But just as the word “captured” appeared onscreen as always, they suddenly found themselves not in the prison, but back in the exact spot they had died on.

Both the reincarnated player and his teammates were understandably confused. “What the f***’s happened, what’s going on?” he shouted while the fighting continued.

Although the player had mysteriously come back to life, they were unarmed and unable to pick up any weapons as if they were in the pre-Gulag lobby waiting for their turn. It wasn’t clear from the clip if they could dish out or receive damage, but he was clearly visible to the rest of his squad.

Sadly, it didn’t last, as after parachuting off the rooftops to get away from the bullets flying their way, the player was quickly transported to the Gulag just as the 2v2 content was about to begin.

Even though he eventually came out on top and earned his place back in the Warzone 2 match properly this time, they were still baffled by the situation. “I’m going to clip it, I actually resurrected from the dead man.”

From the video shared, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what caused the glitch to happen – whether it was an action that the player did by accident or something to do with where they died on the map.

Only time will tell if this was a one-off bug or a problem that will continue to affect Warzone 2 matches, but there’s no doubt that players immediately respawning after death could wreak havoc if it becomes a more widespread issue.

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Image credit: Activision