Warzone 2 players call for major changes to melee system

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 operators battling

Warzone 2’s melee combat lets you take down enemies up close, but players are frustrated with the current state of this system and are calling for the developers to make major changes.

When you hop into Warzone 2, there are a plethora of powerful weapons that you can use in different types of battles, with Sniper Rifles dominating long-range engagements and SMGs helping you win close-quarters fights.

If you want to get up close and personal with your opponents then you can take them out with melee attacks. However, Warzone 2 players feel that the game’s melee system is in dire need of change.

Reddit user ‘Dull-Caterpillar3153’ expressed their frustration with the melee system in the Warzone 2 subreddit, claiming that enemies can kill you in just two hits. They stated that “you need the exact same number of Sniper headshots as you do melee attacks to kill an enemy.”

The Redditor then asked the developers to change the melee system in Warzone 2 so that it requires a minimum of four hits to kill a fully-plated player.

One of the players in the comments stated that having melee attacks take down fully-plated players in less than four hits is “incredibly cheap.” Another user suggested that the developers make it so that melee attacks deal 80 damage per hit.

This change would make it so that melee attacks could bring down a player with full plates in four hits, while a player with just two plates would go down after three hits.

Reddit user ‘Technical-Hornet8330’ shared a clip of their gameplay in another thread, and it showed them immediately getting eliminated by an enemy that dropped down from the ceiling.

This opponent immediately was wielding a knife and immediately started hitting them with melee attacks. Technical-Hornet8330 was taken down before they even had a chance to react.

The frustrated player then mentioned that the current melee system needs to be nerfed, as this enemy was able to take them down in “0.04 seconds,” despite the fact that they were fully plated.

Many of the users in this thread shared stories of them experiencing similar problems in Warzone 2. One player wrote: “Yeah [I] had a game where I melee sparred a guy with no plates and I had three, but he killed me.”

However, a few of the commenters pointed out that this might have been the result of the damage in Warzone 2 being “bugged and inconsistent,” as some of them reported meleeing enemies five times before finally taking them down.

Despite this, complaints about melee attacks were prevalent in both threads. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen exactly how the Warzone 2 developers are planning to fix these issues.

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Image credits: Activision