Warzone 2 guru explains why fast-killing SMG is “only option” in Season 4

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 Operator firing ISO 45 SMGActivision

Warzone 2 features plenty of powerful SMGs that you can use to dominate close-range battles, and Call of Duty expert IceManIsaac has revealed the new meta SMG option for players to try out in Season 4.

When Season 4 went live in Warzone 2, players were treated to many changes in the Call of Duty title, with many existing weapons receiving buffs and nerfs along with the addition of new guns like the ISO 45 SMG.

With all of these changes, players are wondering which weapons are the best ones that they can take into battle during Season 4, and Warzone 2 expert, IceManIsaac, has revealed the fastest SMG that can dominate close-range fights.

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After trying out the ISO 45, IceManIsaac was extremely impressed with its performance against other powerful Warzone 2 SMGs like the Vaznev 9k and Lachmann Sub. He stated: “There is no other close-range SMG that you should be using besides the ISO 45.”

The gun shoots straight with an “insane” fire rate and allows you to stay on the move while snapping onto enemies with the aim assist. Many pro players and streamers are using the weapon, making it the new meta.

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IceManIsaac’s Warzone 2 ISO 45 loadout

  • Muzzle: XRK Sandstorm
  • Barrel: 7″ EX Raptor-V2
  • Stock: DEMO Fade Tac
  • Optic: Slimeline Pro
  • Magazine: 45 Round Drum

IceManIsaac’s ISO 45 loadout uses the DEMO Fade Tac stock and 7″ EX Raptor-V2 barrel to boost your mobility so that you can stay on the move while taking down enemies. The XRK Sandstorm muzzle helps bring the weapon’s recoil under control, allowing you accurately land shots.

Since he’s not a fan of the SMG’s iron sights, IceManIsaac equipped the Slimeline Pro optic for its clear-sight picture. Finally, the 45 Round Drum ensures you have enough ammo to eliminate multiple foes before reloading.

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With this loadout equipped, IceManIsaac described the ISO 45 as the “best movement and TTK” SMG that’s currently available in Warzone 2. So, be sure to try it out the next time you hop into close-range battles.

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