Warzone 2 expert reveals ISO Hemlock “new meta” attachment in Season 5

ISO Hemlock in Modern Warfare 2Activision

Content creator B1inkin revealed a new ISO Hemlock attachment buff that could bring the gun back as a strong contender in Warzone 2’s Season 5 meta.

Season 5 arrived in Warzone 2, bringing a huge amount of new content, including new weapons like the FR Avancer and Carrack .300, several weapon buffs and nerfs, a full Operator roster, and much more.

Due to various nerfs in previous seasons, the ISO Hemlock‘s popularity, with its peak in Season 2 Realoded, quickly dwindled for weapons like the Cronen Squall or TAQ-V to take its place as the most powerful guns in the game.

But along with Season 5‘s changes, looks like one of its attachments received a secret buff, allowing it to be a possible contender in the game’s long-range meta.

Secret .300 Blackout ammunition buff in Warzone 2

Based on sym.gg’s statistics, creator B1inkin discovered that the ISO Hemlock‘s .300 Blackout ammunition secret buff virtually improves the gun’s TTK speed to 872 milliseconds at 50 meters, outperforming the standard 1000ms speed.

Despite this attachment used to have severe downsides, especially on recoil control, that may keep players away from using it, Season 5’s buff makes them less noticeable and transforms the gun into a powerful laser beam with almost zero recoil.

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“In previous seasons, the recoil on the Blackout round was absolutely atrocious. I don’t know if they buffed it, but they made an adjustment to it and you should probably try it,” explained the creator before showing off his loadout in the firing range, proving its remarkably low recoil.

While this isn’t the first time a unique buff has allowed a weapon to return to viability, recent weapon changes have forcefully pushed the ISO 45 and TAQ-V far above other weapons.

It would not be surprising that after this improvement, the ISO Hemlock slowly begins to rise again to the top of the best ARs for Warzone 2 and even be a contender for the game’s meta.

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