Warzone 2 players furious as devs disable “quick XP farming” modes

Max Candelarezi
Warzone 2 players during Lockdown mode matchActivision

Call of Duty have disabled two fan-favorite modes from Warzone 2 to investigate an issue, enraging players who believe they’re limiting “quick XP farming” and forcing them to play other slower modes.

Warzone 2 Season 5 has arrived and players are enjoying all the content this new season has brought, including new weapons to unlock, like the FR Avancer and Carrack .300, as well as various movement changes, a meta shift with several buffs and nerfs, and the new Vondel nuke contract to complete.

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In past seasons, the game introduced the fan-favorite Plunder mode catering to players who enjoy a more chaotic and dynamic gameplay experience. And more recently, Season 4 brought Lockdown, Warzone‘s version of popular Hardpoint MP mode.

But recently, an undisclosed issue unexpectedly removed both modes from the game, and players were quick to express their dissatisfaction.

Plunder and Lockdown playlists disabled in Warzone

In an update on August 10, Call of Duty announced they disabled both modes as they “investigate an issue,” to which players swiftly responded suspecting this was to limit the rapid XP farming in Warzone.

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While this news might not have garnered the attention of all players, Lockdown and Plunder fans certainly recognized their modes were no longer available in the game, leading them to voice their discontent below CoD’s announcement post.

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While it’s not the first time Call of Duty released a surprise bug fix, without any notable bug or exploit in the game that needs to be fixed, players began to speculate that this situation was most likely an attempt to nerf the amount of XP these modes deliver.

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“Gotta get rid of the quick XP methods fast I see,” one player replied to the news. “Almost a week late telling us about plunder. Better late than never I guess,” another player added, noting that the mode wasn’t even available before the announcement was made.

Throughout all the reactions, some players acknowledge that Plunder usually suffers swift removals “with no reason” behind it. Meanwhile, other players cheered about “farming” as much XP as they could before the devs “patched” both modes.

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Bear in mind that it’s only speculation, as there might be some hidden game-breaking bug or exploit that players weren’t aware of, which could have led to the removal of both modes.

Although no specific timeframe has been provided for the return of these modes, players are eagerly awaiting their reinstatement to continue playing, consistently voicing their request for the modes to be added back under almost every Call of Duty post.

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