Warzone 2 expert calls on devs to remove Perk giving players major unfair advantage

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 Operator aiming sniper rifle

Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal is frustrated with the current state of Perks in the game and is calling for the developers to either fix or remove one Perk giving random players an unfair advantage.

When picking your loadouts, you’ll find a variety of powerful weapon choices in Warzone 2, and there are also eight different Perk Packages that you can choose from which suit different playstyles.

However, the Perk Package system has been controversial as players wanted to select their own custom combination of Perks. Now, Warzone 2 guru WhosImmortal is calling for a major change to one particular Perk.

The one particular Perk that’s been extremely controversial is Birdseye which has been letting players see their enemies’ UAV pings. In his video, WhosImmortal mentions that the developers dropped a “stealth update” which removes the Perk from default classes.

While this should mean that no one can access Birdseye, the Warzone 2 expert claims that a few players are still able to activate it in the game to give themselves a “super extreme advantage.”

WhosImmortal explained: “Essentially, random players are being given the opportunity to have the most overpowered Perk available to them and activated for them, whereas everyone else is unable to access that Perk entirely.”

He then elaborated that this creates a severe disadvantage for all those players that are unable to access Birdseye, whom Whosimmortal claims are the majority of the Warzone 2 community.

After this, he requested that the developers either nerf Birdseye so that it stops showing enemy UAVs to players or just straight up remove it from the game while they figure out a way for everyone to access Perks as intended.

WhosImmortal is confident that the developers are looking into the issue as they’re aware of the problems with Warzone 2’s Perks, and he’s hopeful that after their return, they’ll implement a fix that will ensure more balanced matches.

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Image credits: Activision