Warzone 2 devs finally respond to Birdseye Perk giving free UAVs

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 players in deployment plane

Warzone 2’s Birdseye Perk was quickly recognized as the most powerful in the game after it was giving players free UAVs, and the devs have finally responded to the issue.

Warzone has had its fair share of Perks that players considered overpowered, with Serpentine and Combat Scout being two of the biggest offenders. These powerful Perks didn’t carry over to Warzone 2 and the Perk Package system was introduced, only allowing players to pick from among pre-set Perk combos.

However, one of these Perk Packages contains one of the most overpowered Perks we’ve seen yet — Birdseye. Although not included in its description, the Birdseye Perk gives players free UAV pings every time an enemy pops one, and UAVs also show the direction they’re facing.

Only a select few players could use it while Ultimate Perks were broken but now they’re fixed, every player has access to Birdseye.

Many believed the free UAV pings were a bug, and plenty of players including content creators WhosImmortal and Dr Disrespect have been calling for change. It turns out that it was a bug, and the developers have finally responded.

Warzone 2 Recon Perk Package

Infinity Ward have been updating their Trello board with the issues they’re aware of, and on January 18 they added a card for the Birdseye Perk. It reads: “We’re aware of an issue where the Birdseye Perk does not function as intended within Battle Royale.”

They haven’t given any timeframe for when we can expect to see the bug fixed. While the next major update will be Season 2 on February 15, they sometimes release smaller patches with bug fixes or quality-of-life changes between major updates, so we could see the fix arrive soon.

Season 2 will also bring Resurgence to Warzone 2 alongside a new map, makes the Gulag 1v1 again, and makes changes to the looting system.

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