Modern Warfare 2 expert’s overhauled Perk system idea gets players’ approval

cod mw2 operators in water

The Modern Warfare 2 Perk system is the core of the game’s multiplayer, and after many fans had reservations about the game’s Perks, one CoD expert has not only come up with an overhauled version, but fans love the idea too.

Typically, all the headlines regarding CoD Perks have been due to Warzone 2, not Modern Warfare 2. Battle Royale fans have bemoaned the Birdseye Perk which has been handing out free UAVs, and a fix had to be dropped to help malfunctioning Ultimate perks.

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On the MW2 side of things, it’s been fairly quiet, but the topic of Perks has started to creep into the conversation a bit more as of late. So much so that one of the game’s biggest content creators and streamers has put together an overhauled Perk system for Modern Warfare 2.

TheXclusiveAce has long been one of the CoD community’s leading personalities for many years now and has especially been useful when it comes to weapon stats, metas, and offering opinions on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

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The content creator came up with a new video on January 20, 2023, talking about how the “Perk System could use some work in Modern Warfare 2.”

As it stands, the way MW2 Perks work is by allowing players to immediately begin with two of eight Base Perks from the get-go, and then as the game progresses, you gain access to a Bonus Perk, before finally receiving your Ultimate Perk.

“The reception for this system where you have to charge up your Perks overtime has generally been quite negative in the community and I’m one of the people that really doesn’t like this system. I don’t think it adds anything interesting, yet I do feel it takes away from the gameplay experience,” explained the streamer and content creator.

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As a solution, XclusiveAce said: “With my ideal system, I’d honestly just scrap the charge-up completely. It’s cool that they wanted to try something new, but in my eyes, it was a flop, and I think the more traditional style of Perks where you don’t have to charge them up over time would yield a lot more variety and replayability in the game.”

The content creator believes limiting Perks leads to a “reduced playstyle variety” and thinks that locking out your main Perks can prevent you from enjoying the game how you want e.g being stealthy using Ghost.

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They also go on to say that the current system, at least in its existing format, is simply: “inferior.”

In a Reddit post supporting XclusiveAce’s revised system, one user got a ton of upvotes for saying: “The most important part is removing the idiotic charge-up system. As Ace says, they don’t feel like bonuses on top of a fleshed-out class set-up; they feel like you’re missing core pieces for the first half of the match and then can finally play with a full class for the second half.”

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Another user also agreed with the creator’s overarching thoughts about the new system: “Change for the sake of change. There was nothing wrong with the old system. All they needed to do was balance the Perks well.”

Needless to say, there is possibly some room for improvement when it comes to MW2 Perks. With many big updates in Warzone 2 set to undo a ton of the game’s major changes, there’s every chance that this could happen in the delayed Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 or later down the line.

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Image Credit: Activision