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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Warzone 2 players frustrated as MW2’s Recent Players list is completely broken

Warzone 2 players are fed up with not being able to add friends due to Modern Warfare 2’s Recent Players list being completely broken.



Modern Warfare 2 players in border crossing map

Warzone 2 players are getting fed up with not being able to see any of their Recent Players as Modern Warfare 2’s Social Menu tab is completely broken.

Thanks to Call of Duty’s team-based nature, simply playing games is a great way to find like-minded players to team up with. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 offer even more ways to socialize with other players by bringing Proximity Chat to battle royale and DMZ, including the Looking for Party feature, and regular team chat.

However, players are unable to find the players they recently played with as the ‘Recent Players’ tab is completely broken, only showing players from a couple of weeks ago.

Ever since the Warzone 2 update on December 16, players have complained that their Recent Player tab has been completely blank. They can’t find anyone they’ve played with recently, preventing them from adding new friends and teaming up again.

This has been a constant issue since the most recent update and social media and the Call of Duty subreddits have been flooded with posts complaining ever since.

“Had the best time with a squad the other night and was super excited to add them as friends. Nope just gone forever,” complained one Reddit user, calling it “f**king absurd.”

Another player said they couldn’t report a cheater as they couldn’t find them after the match had finished. A temporary workaround is to add or report the player while in-game so they don’t disappear afterward. However, there’s also an issue with the Friend Requests tab.

Some have speculated that it’s not a glitch at all, and it’s actually a temporary fix to the glitch where players could copy other players’ showcase weapons, getting access to mastery camos and Store Blueprints for free.

The developers have been away during the holidays, so we expect some of these more frustrating issues to be fixed ahead of February’s Season 2 update.

Image Credit: Activision