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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2’s controversial Perk Package system is here to stay

Warzone 2 ‘s Perk Packages aren’t going anywhere as the devs confirm that the controversial feature is here to stay.



Klaus Operator Warzone 2

Warzone 2 devs confirmed that the inclusion of Perk Packages is an intentional choice and that the system which limits players’ Perk combinations is here to stay.

When Warzone 2 arrived on November 16, players discovered that the experience would feel drastically different from the original. Players quickly set out to grasp new features like Strongholds and new circle mechanics.

Customization in Warzone 2 also underwent changes with players unable to secure a Loadout Drop through traditional means. Along with this vital change to custom loadouts, players were also forced to equip Perk Packages.

Perk Packages are a preset combination of four Perks that activate in Warzone 2. Players were disappointed that they could not select their very own combination of four Perks, but they had hope that the original system would return to Warzone 2 once the devs had more time to work on the game.

Devs confirm Perk Packages are staying in Warzone 2

warzone 2 specter perk package

Unfortunately, it looks like this won’t be the case as the devs confirmed that Perk Packages aren’t going anywhere in a pre-Season 1 Reloaded briefing with CharlieIntel. Some maintained hope that Perk selection would replace Perk Packages in a future update, but this likely won’t occur.

Other players suspected that the Perk Package system might be a result of Warzone 2’s fledgling status as a game, given that Xbox players have been able to alter the Perks in their Perks Packages. However, the devs confirmed that the feature is intentional and the bug is expected to be patched.

Players feel as though these preset Packages limit their options and place restrictions on them when it comes to customization in Warzone 2.

In addition, several players have reported that a bug is preventing their Ultimate Perks from working in Warzone 2. This further complicates the situation as players continue to lose out on extra utility.

If you managed to find a Perk Package that’s right for you, you’ll want to stick with it as it seems like they’re here to stay.

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Image Credit: Activision