Warzone 2 devs respond to missing Resurgence squad sizes promised for launch

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 Operators in Resurgence

Warzone 2 players were disappointed as they felt that they had been misled about the Resurgence squad sizes in Season 2, and the developers have now addressed this issue.

After Season 2 of Warzone 2 went live, players hopped into the Call of Duty title to check out the plethora of fun content that arrived in the update, such as new weapons and the Ashika Island Resurgence map.

After hopping into the new Resurgence map, players were furious to learn that the squad sizes were different than promised for Season 2, and this led to a response from the Warzone 2 developers.

On February 8, the devs tweeted that Resurgence in Warzone 2 would feature “all squad sizes” when Season 2 went live. However, players discovered that limited Resurgence squad size options were available after the update arrived as they could only pick select quads.

Since players couldn’t match with whatever number of people they wanted, many in the community felt that they had been misled, and a few players slammed the developers for “lying” about this.

On February 22, the developers tweeted a correction, explaining that “each of the four Squad sizes for Resurgence will be in the playlist rotation at some point throughout Season 02.” They then confirmed that Solos would arrive the following weekend.

One user asked for clarification about whether Solos would be added along with Quads or if the latter would be removed, saying: “Adding them out one by one to make sure the servers are smooth is fine, but only having one squad size is a huge mistake.”

In response to this, Raven Software tweeted: “Alongside!” So, players will be able to enjoy multiple squad sizes after hopping into Warzone 2’s Ashika Island Resurgence map in Season 2.

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Image credit: Activision